The gift was an exhibition held at the James Cavalier. Eden Foundation decided to participate for this exhibition with the participation of her clients. This was a unique opportunity to exhibit client’s talents while creating art through emotions.

Participants had the opportunity to create their own silhouette by capturing a personalised posture to represent their unique characteristics.


The Eden Foundation Creative Art Department were commissioned to create 11 paintings for the European Union Projects Unit. Together with a group of trainees we created and developed 11 paintings connected with the themes of:Information, Integration and Anti – racism. The paintings were presented as awards in a ceremony organized by the EUPU. This is one of the 11 paintings presented during the EUPU ceremony




Christmas Activity

When Christmas knocks at our doors we start putting our hands into colours and paint brushes. Every year when Christmas events approach  we start thinking about Christmas cards.Each student put all his effort in creativity to create small paintings representing the Christmas event. Once the paintings are ready the best painting,will be printed as a Christmas.

xmas1 xmas2