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“A true Artist has to be free in his own expression. A new ground means a new concept. So the real essence in Art is to expand your own creations and experiment in different types of media rather than to emphasis in finding the core of creation since this concept will trap you in a single dimension.” (Monaliza Nocilla)

Hi and welcome! This is Monaliza Nocilla.mona

I currently occupy the role of a Lecturer at Domain Academy on part-time basis., where I develop and lecture subjects related to Multimedia Design, Research Methods, Strategic Management and Personal & Professional Development at levels 5 and 7.

I studied and graduated with a Masters degree in Education with University of Derby, (U.K.) in November 2015. Particulars of completed courses included modules related to Advanced Professional Practice, Principles and Quality, Leadership and Management. This study provided systematic understanding of knowledge as related to policy, theory and research into areas of educational professional practice. My dissertation identified conclusions related to complex educational issues and offers new insights and perspectives to a wider educational professional audience related to inclusive classroom practice.

I consider myself a creative person with characteristics of generating a number of solutions to problems. I constantly work to reach my goals in a very passionate way, frequently using a positive attitude. I am qualified in Art with a level 5 Diploma. I have been involved in Visual Arts since 1990 and consider myself a contemporary Artist since I contributed in various joint exhibitions on national and international level.

My professional interest in Graphic Design and Digital Media sector has been progressing since 2006. During this year I’ve been awarded Adobe Train the Trainer Certificate after reading a course related to an online graphical application for visual communication with Adobe. I attained a level 4 certificate in Adobe Photoshop and am currently reading an online course ‘Adobe Generation Professional: Publishing’ designed to help educators become creators of digital media.

In my free time I read and paint. Furthermore I act as President of an established NGO on voluntary basis. This NGO involves percussion instruments as means for integration and inclusion. If you would like to know more about this NGO click here to visit website.